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Question: Are Wireless Networks a Health Hazard?

You may be aware that wireless networks utilise the same frequencies as microwave ovens, so you’d be forgiven for thinking there may be some health risks involved in using such a similar system. However, the transmission power levels from wireless signals are so low that they barely register and aren’t dangerous at all. There are many other items we use day to day that utilise similar frequencies, from baby monitors to bluetooth headsets, all of which are perfectly safe. In fact, the intensity of a Wi-Fi signal is around is 100,000 times less than that of a microwave oven.

Being designed as an ever-present accompaniment to worker’s in all manner of industries, wireless network systems are tested methodically to address even the most minor of health concerns. There are also extensive legal regulations that every product has to meet, so you need not worry about being exposed to any dangerous signals-every possible issue has been considered well in advance. Whilst there may be the odd story of various injuries caused by signals going rogue, these are virtually always because of human tampering or a device being improperly maintained. Any good provider of such a product will provide regular inspections of their devices, to make sure that everything is functioning totally as intended without causing any side-effects. The staff that carry out these tests are well-trained in what to look for, and are fully capable of dealing with any issues that may arise-no matter how unlikely.

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