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Question: Can I view CCTV footage remotely?

Remote CCTV has some incredibly useful applications. It allows you to monitor a location from anywhere in the world providing you have a reliable connection to the internet.  Your monitoring device could be something as simple as your laptop or mobile phone with the right software installed.  In these days of high-speed internet access, it’s common for most recording devices (DRV/NVR) to include remote viewing software. You might even choose to have a combination of local and remote monitoring so that you can continue to monitor the site when you’re away. The video streamer can send the video signals over either a local network or the internet. In order for the receiver to be able to find the sender, it is allocated a unique IP address, which also serves to keep the connection somewhat secure.  Naturally, remote viewing of CCTV footage can open your network to more vulnerabilities such as hacking, so it’s important to get this installed professionally and have all the necessary protection in place. This will involve making sure your internet connection is secure with firewalls and such, and also making sure your local network is secure, both online and physically. These are all things which any security system professional should take into account when they review your premises and assess your CCTV needs.

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