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Question: For a wireless IP, do I need line of sight between my two locations?

Whilst a direct line of sight isn’t essential for maintaining a strong connection, we recommend that you do have one wherever possible as your connection will perform at a significantly higher level than if otherwise. A clear line of eye site, however, does not necessarily mean a line of sight between two networking antennas. The wireless network’s signal needs an area around the direct path between devices to be clear in order to operate effectively; this is why your environment is so important.

Once more, the capability of wireless IP will be largely determined by the extent you are willing to invest in it. A cheaper system may be perfectly fine for a small business with a single office, but more deluxe models will be needed to handle the demands placed upon it by a multi-national corporation for example. If you’re regularly in touch with contacts located abroad, then you’ll need a model capable of sustaining a strong connection across vast distances.

Everything from the layout of your premises to the weather can have an impact on wireless signal strength, so it’s always best to get an expert’s opinion. iDiS offers a no obligation free survey when it comes to setting up a wireless IP network across multiple locations. We can also help oversee its installation, and help calibrate any systems in order to ensure that you have smooth lines of communication no matter how far away you may wish to reach.

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