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Question: How long does a routine inspection of my alarm system take?

Having regular maintenance updates to ensure your alarm system is working properly is crucial to the safety and security of your site. Many businesses spend lots of money on alarm systems as a precautionary measure, and for those alarm systems to fail you when you need them most would be extremely damaging. A routine inspection of your alarm system is a quick and simple affair, usually lasting around 30 minutes depending on the size of your premises.  We’ll dispatch an engineer to your property and he’ll get to work right away assessing and testing the system for any possible errors or fault, ensuring everything is working as smoothly as possible. Once an alarm system is installed and up and running it can be easy to forget about maintenance, so make sure you set yourself reminders and build these tests into your business calendar – they could make a huge difference if there ever is a fire or security breach at your premises, and many maintenance checks are required by law. At iDiS, we ensure all systems are maintained and tested regularly with a maintenance agreement.

Although not the most glamorous expenditure, the importance of keeping all of your systems up to date cannot be stressed enough. Your alarms in particular may not be able to physically prevent a crime, but are crucial for deterring any would-be thieves or intruders. You could even have them connected to a local police department or other authority, to ensure a rapid response to any potential breaches on your property.

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