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Question: How often will I receive a maintenance visit for my alarm system?

When you purchase an alarm system with iDiS, not only will we install it, we’ll also draw up a maintenance agreement with you for planned inspections. The frequency of these routine alarm inspections can vary depending on the size of the system and the kind of agreement we have in place. Usually, we’ll carry out one visit per year for audio systems and two for police monitored systems to ensure they’re operating at full capacity. These regular visits are essential to ensuring that your alarm systems are running optimally and your business is safe and secure. If you’re concerned for any reason, you can, of course, request more frequent visits or contact us if you have any questions regarding a system we have installed.

That is not to say that maintenance can’t be carried out sooner, particularly on systems that are located in areas that might provide them with a great deal of wear and tear. If for example an alarm is exposed to a large volume of rainfall or intense heat, then it may be worth arranging for more regular inspections.

The team at iDiS know exactly what to look for when it comes to assessing your premises, and will be sure to let you know how often they think a particular system should be serviced. It can often vary from device to device, and even two identical ones may require a different frequency of assessment should one be located in a position that is more exposed.

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