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Question: What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the maximum data rate or transmission capacity supported by a network connection, interface or communications channel at any point in time. Bandwidth, measured in bits per second (bps), represents the maximum speed at which data information can be sent across network connections with the higher the capacity, the greater the speed the data can flow. This can also be known as “Maximum Throughput”.

Dealing with technical terms such as the one above can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have a technical background or hasn’t been exposed to technology for a long time. Our team of experts are fully aware that this is a common occurrence, and as such are more than willing to break such jargon down into easier to understand terminology. Understanding how your devices work on even a basic level is key to your day-to-day operations, so that you can get the best out of the equipment that you’ve invested in.

Larger data transfers will require a larger bandwidth, and the more cameras you have or data you have transmitting wirelessly, the more bandwidth you’ll need. Just like a home wi-fi network, if multiple devices are struggling to use the same connection, the signal strength for some of those devices can become intermittent and unstable. Having more bandwidth than you need (just in case) is essential for ensuring a consistent and reliable connection across your entire site. iDiS offers a range of business solutions to ensure your connectivity is never threatened, and that you can continue to work at peak productiveness.

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