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Question: What types of Access Control systems are there?

The first type is standalone access control.  Tenants, visitors or employees are simply given a fob, key card or PIN code to gain access to the property as and when they need it. This is great when sophisticated recording isn’t necessarily needed, or if you just want to control access to an individual room or office.  Usually, a fob or card is used instead of a key as they’re harder to replicate by those who you may not want to access the premises in question.

Alternatively, you could opt for a computer controlled system. This is common on commercial grounds or office premises. Fobs and key cards are still viable with this method, but the added layer of computer security is able to track who enters a building and when, and perhaps even record them with a connected camera as they do so for extra verification. Computer-controlled systems are ideal for businesses with lots of footfall, visitors, and guests. If an incident occurs, you’ll have an accurate record of anyone who’s entered the building, and your staff can refuse access easily if need be and without confrontation. Should you have a facility or warehouse with multiple doors and with many people coming and going, a combined security system could be just what you’re looking for.

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