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Question: Where can Access Control be used?

Where you choose to utilise an access control system is very important, and different types of access control may be suitable for different environments. Standalone access control, such as a key card, fob or code, will be ideal for a single room or office within a premises that needs to be guarded. This will allow you to grant access to particular employees with the proper security clearance. When it comes to guarding your premises as a whole, a remote access system will be further beneficial. Such a system will allow you to install the necessary security devices, such as a gate or door, at the main entrance to your premises and control access to it remotely. This will be done electronically, perhaps even wirelessly, by a button or computer that you and your colleagues can access from inside the workplace.

To summarise, controlled access can be used wherever you need it, but it’s important to choose the right type of controlled access for each application. Any security professional will be able to advise you on the best controlled access system to use depending on your environment and the level of security you need, as each area that needs protecting requires its own unique and personalised defences implemented. At iDiS, we can carry out a no obligation survey to help you decide on the best approach.

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