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Keeping you and your home secure

iDiS understand that home is where the heart is. We provide tailored domestic security systems to keep you and your property secure. From Burglar Alarms and Access Control Systems to full CCTV monitoring, we have the knowledge, experience and products to ensure your home is always protected, even when you’re not there.

Your home is where you keep the things that mean the most, so it’s vital that you keep it as secure as possible. Protecting your home from intruders is of huge importance to your ongoing peace of mind. A burglary can be an extremely upsetting and emotional event and can cause huge disruption to your family life. Installing the right domestic security system into your home can help reduce this risk and can also lead to reduced insurance premiums.

When considering security for your property, we’ll assess your requirements, discuss your lifestyle and help create the perfect solution for you. All of our home security systems are designed to the highest possible standards and are practical and user friendly for your family to operate effectively.

We also understand how important it is to ensure value for money and confidence when dealing with our domestic customers and because of this, we will never give you the ‘hard sell’. We believe that providing quality products, friendly and effective advice at competitive prices is the key to keeping our clients happy.

Our range of home security systems include everything you’ll need to ensure your family and property are well protected. So call today on 01442 257065 and speak to one of our team to discuss how we can help.

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