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Control over who has access to your premises

Our Access Control Systems allow you to control entry and movement within your home or business. Using the latest technology, we can provide the ability to choose who enters your premises with the touch of a button or swipe of a card. We provide options to suit individual needs and the support to ensure your system remains functional at all times.

A well planned, installed and maintained Access Control system helps to protect your assets, whether at home or in a business environment. As well as providing protection, our modern, user friendly solutions can make life easier for the people who you wish to have access to your premises. By speaking to you and understanding your requirements we can provide individual systems that are perfect for your needs.

Electronic Access Control Systems provide a convenient and efficient way of protecting your assets, making lost and mislaid keys a thing of the past. Movement throughout your premises can be controlled by way of PIN/keypad entry or security card and this provides flexibility in terms of who has access to different areas of your building. It is also possible to pre-determine access timeframes, meaning that doors can be locked during certain hours of the day and night as determined by your business or personal requirements.

Our years of experience in supplying and installing effective Access Control systems allow us to deliver robust practical solutions every time. Get in touch today to find out how we can help protect and dictate access to your home or business.


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