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CCTV Security Solutions

Our range of domestic and business CCTV systems and cameras give you the reassurance of knowing that your property is being monitored 24/7, even when you are away. We utilise the latest, most efficient CCTV products on the market to provide constant peace of mind that you home, contents and family or workforce and premises are always protected.

Following an assessment of your domestic or commercial property we will suggest the most appropriate and effective solution for your specific requirements. All of our CCTV security cameras utilise the latest digital recording services for a clear image, whatever the time or day or night and will be installed at strategic positions to also provide a clear and visible deterrent to intruders.

As well as stand alone recordable CCTV systems, we can also offer remotely monitored systems. These systems link to a monitoring centre using ADPRO, providing around the clock observation from anywhere in the world. These systems can also include external devices to detect movement. Both the operator and camera can instantly review images and take any necessary action if required giving you complete control wherever you are.

All of our systems are user-friendly and are installed by our knowledgeable and experienced engineers. For our business customers we can also connect range of systems with even your existing cameras and alarm systems, via leased line connection. This allows your corporate computer network to be turned into a company-wide video monitoring system, which saves the company cost of setting up a separate CCTV network.

Whatever your CCTV requirement, we are confident that we have the perfect system for you. Whether business, home or public sector call one of our specialists today to find out how we can help you stay secure.

Our range of Genetec Products
  • Security Center

    Security Center is the unified security platform from Genetec™ that blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify your operations. From access control, video surveillance, and automatic license plate recognition to communications, intrusion, and analytics, Security Center empowers your organization through enhanced situational awareness, unified command and control, and connectivity to the cloud.

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  • Omnicast

    Omnicast™ is the world’s leading IP video managed surveillance (VMS) system that enables customers to design a system to specifically address their security needs. Omnicast offers advanced support for a wide range of edge devices and CCTV equipment, while ensuring intelligent video management and high fault tolerance over existing IP networks.

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  • AutoVu

    The AutoVu automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system automates number plate reading and identification, making it easier for law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations to locate vehicles of interest, and enforce parking restrictions. AutoVu is designed for both fixed and mobile installations in a variety of applications.

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